Create an Observation

Learn how to create an observation, logging and measure the child's progress.

The observations feature enables staff members to log observations in accordance with the institute learning frameworks. Also, it measures the progress against specific developmental milestones.

Click on Dashboard

  • Click on the room that has the child you want to add an Observation to her/his profile.

  • Tap the child profile.

  • Click on the journey tab.

  • Tap on New, and select Observation.

  • Select your preferred framework, and then tap on curriculum links, and select a milestone (Emerging, Developing, or Secure) to add your observation.

  • Add your comments, and if you want to hide the observation, just tick on Don't share with parents.

  • Click on Post, it will be automatically sent for review to the admin.

Pro tip: Staff members with permission to post directly have the option to send the observation for review to admin or can click on Post directly.

Here is another way to create an observation

Click on Newsfeed

Select Observation

Repeat the same steps, when you are done click on Post.

** If you finished writing your observation and would like to save it for later as a draft, just click on this button. You will receive a pop-up notification confirming saving this a draft.

If you want to roll out the previously drafted Observation

  • click on Newsfeed, and then post Observation

  • Tap on this counter, and then you will find the drafted observations in a new pop-up window.