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How to Approve/ Edit an Observation
How to Approve/ Edit an Observation
Written by Lily
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This article will guide you to approve/edit an observation.

How to Edit an Observation

  • Click on Options

  • Select Children

  • Choose the child you want to edit an observation for


  • Click the 3 dots

  • Choose edit

How to approve an observation or edit it before posting it

If you would like to approve the observation directly without any changes; choose the observation that you want to approve, then click on Approve & Send down below.

If you would like to add some changes, click on Request Changes.

You will receive a confirmation message at the top of your screen confirming sending the observation back to the creator to edit it.

Setting options

  • Remember to tick/untick Don't share with parents

  • You can also choose to enable/disable comments

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