Two Years Assessment
Written by Lily
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Here you will learn how to create a two years assessment.

  • Go to Options

  • Select Children

  • Tap on the child profile that you want to create the two years assessment with.

  • Click on Portfolio tab.

  • Click on New, and select Two Years Check

  • When clicking on Two Years Check; you will be able to write the assessment of the child

  • You can add more details in the description/message box

  • Select different areas of the two-year check, and you can also attach any files and/or images you want to include with the two-year check.

  • You can change the date of the assessment by selecting the Date field.

  • Enable/Disable comments

  • You can choose to share/don't share with the parents

Click Post or Send for review or Save as draft button when you are done.

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