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How to add a plan so you can start invoicing the child?

In order to invoice any child at your institute, you first need to add a plan. The plan is the service you are offering this child. For example, you can have a child who will be attending a full term and another child who attends three days a week on a weekly basis. This is where the plan comes in so you can differentiate how each child's family will be billed.

Add Plan

To add a plan for any child, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the child's profile

  • Click on the Plan tab

  • If you haven't created a plan yet, click Create New Plan. If the child already has a plan you add a Schedule Change.

  • Choose the start date of the plan. By default the start date is the child's registration date.

  • Select the calculation method. If you will be charging the child on a monthly basis choose Monthly. If the child will be billed for a full term or a package then choose Actual.

  • Select the package or add the sessions that the child will be attending by clicking the Add button on each of the days you want to add the session to.

  • If there is a discount that you need to apply select it from the Discounts drop-down menu.

  • If there is a need to add one or more subsidies, please choose it/them from the Funding's drop down menu.

  • Save the package.

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