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Billing: Manage Products
Billing: Manage Products
Written by Lily
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Learn the steps to set up your fee structure.

Feature available on the Web App.

Before you can start setting up the plans for children you first need to add all your fees, charges, taxes, and discounts. All your billing related setup can be found in the Products Management page. To get to the Products Management page, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Options tab

  • Click Products Management

From the Product Management page you can start adding your fee structure by adding all the services and products that you charge students for.

  1. Manage Pricing Groups - If you offer the same package with the same time slots, but using different prices based on age or for different segments then you need to set up your pricing groups.

  2. Manage Taxes and Discounts - Add all the taxes and discounts that can be applied to your products.

  3. Manage Sessions - In order to start creating packages or adding plans, you have to first create your sessions. The session is the time slot/s you offer your service.

  4. Manage Items- Items are any add-ons that you charge the child for. This can be their meals and any supplies that you provide on a regular basis.

  5. Manage Packages - Set up the packages you offer which include sessions and items as a bundle for children in your institute.

  6. Manage Charges- Add any extra charges such as registration fees.

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