Ad-Hoc Products
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Learn how to invoice any ad-hoc product or service used outside the plan

What is Ad-Hoc Pricing?

Ad-Hoc pricing is used to override the price of a particular product.

Let's look at this example:
โ€‹Child A attends Monday, Wednesday and Thursday every week, so their plan is set up to invoice them for those three days. Let's say Child A comes in on Tuesday one week, you may want to charge them a higher price because this will fall outside their package. This is where Add-Hoc pricing comes in.

Add Ad-Hoc Session/Item

To add an Add-Hoc session or item to be invoiced, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the child's profile

  2. Select the Plans tab

  3. Select the Ad-hocs tab

  4. Select Edit

  5. Select the date that you want to apply the ad-hoc product

  6. Choose if you want to apply a pricing group or discount

  7. Choose the Sessions or Items tab depending on which one you want to add

  8. Select the product on which you want to apply your Ad-hoc pricing

  9. Click Save

Remove Ad-Hoc Session/Item

To remove an Ad-hoc session or item before it has been invoiced, follow these steps:
Navigate to the child's profile

  1. Select the Plans tab,

  2. Select the Ad-hocs tab,

  3. Select Edit,

  4. Select the date of the Ad-hoc product,

  5. Click on the product to remove it,

  6. Click Save.

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