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Edit or Schedule a Change in the Plan
Edit or Schedule a Change in the Plan
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Learn how to edit or schedule a change in an existing plan.

Now that you have created plans for children, you may need to go back and edit certain parts of the plan or create a schedule change. Here we will go through the difference between editing and scheduling a change as well as how you can do both.

You can edit any plan as long as you have not generated an invoice for that plan. Use the edit option if you want to, for example, add/remove discounts and fundings or change the package that will be invoiced.

Schedule Change
A schedule change is used when you need to have another plan added after a specific date. For example, if the child is only on the plan for the first term and will be on a different package the second term.

In this case, schedule change and choose the start date to be the next term and add the new products the child will be charged for.

You can also use a schedule change if the plan for the child changes at any point, in this case the current plan will end on the new plan's start date.

Edit Plan

To edit an existing plan, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the child's profile

  2. Select the Plans tab

  3. Find the plan you want to edit

  4. Click the three dots on the upper right corner

  5. Select Edit

Once you have made the edits you need to the plan, click Save.

Schedule Change

If you need to schedule a change for a plan, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the child's profile,

  2. Select the Plans tab,

  3. Click the Schedule Change button or find the plan you want to schedule a change for and click the three dots then choose Schedule Change,

  4. Choose the start and end date of the new plan and edit the products,

  5. Save the new plan.

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