Create Invoicing Rules
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Learn how to create invoicing rules so you can automatically generate invoices

What is an invoicing rule?

An invoicing rule is a rule used by the system to generate an invoice. This rule lets the system know when the invoice should automatically be generated and when it is due.

Create an Invoicing Rule

To create an invoicing rule, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Options tab

  • Click Billing Settings

  • Click on the +New Rule button

  • Add the required information

  • Click Save

Protip: If you would like this rule to be your default rule click the checkmark next to Set as default. Making it the default rule will assign the invoicing rule to all future children.

Assign Invoicing Rule

If you set an invoicing rule as default it will be assigned to all newly added children. However, in order for the invoicing rule to apply to already existing children you need to assign them the invoicing rule.

To assign an invoicing rule, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the child's profile

  2. Click on the Invoices tab

  3. Click on Assign Payer

  4. Choose the invoicing rule you want to apply

  5. Click Save

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