Billing: Manage Charges
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What are charges? Learn how to create charges for registration, bus service, or other extra fees.

What are charges?

Charges are any extra fees you apply, such as your registration fees or bus fees. A charge can be added to the child's plan and charged weekly, monthly or just once.

Create Charge

To create a charge, follow these steps:

Click on the +New Charge button and add the required fields:

  • Charge Name: The name of the fee you are adding, for example, you can create a registration fee.

  • Pricing: How do you charge for this part of the service? Is it a charge that's added to the invoice on a weekly basis? Monthly basis? Or a one-time charge.

Select Pricing Groups

If you have more pricing groups and you offer the item at different prices click on customize pricing groups. Add the prices that will be applied to the different segments.

Select Taxes and Discounts

If there are taxes that need to be applied to the session you can select it from the drop-down menu.

Hint: You can select more than one type of tax.

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