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Billing: Manage Pricing Groups
Billing: Manage Pricing Groups
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What are pricing groups? Learn how to add and manage pricing groups.

What are pricing groups?

To explain pricing groups, let's go through an example. In the image below we have a sample fee structure with a few different types of packages. Check the sample fees and

In the above example, we charge babies that attend 5 days a week a different price than toddlers that attend the same number of days and hours a week. This would mean that we have two pricing groups: Babies and Toddlers.

  • Click Options

  • Select Product Management

Create Pricing Group

To create a pricing group/s, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Price Groups button

  • Click on +Add Price Group

  • Type the name of your pricing group

  • Click on the Save button when you are done

โ€‹Pro-tip: A pricing group can also be based on different prices without age groups. For example, if you charge different children for the same time attended an extra 100$.

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