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Learn how Parent's billing platform will take your institute to the next level and see how it is designed to tailor to your needs!

In June we launched our Billing solution and have been adding to it ever since to make it a billing tool tailored to your needs.

Whether you charge by the hour, weekly, monthly, per term or yearly, Parent has your plan covered. We will go through each feature and how to use it in other articles.

Flexible Plans

Whether you offer fixed pricing or custom packages our billing system will work for you. Use the billing module to customize each child's plan and add the specific rates they will be invoiced. Assign multiple payers for each child and split the payments with any way you choose.

Reduce Manual Work

Streamline your billing process and reduce manual work. Avoid all human errors by automating your administrative duties. When you're dealing with paperwork it involves many steps and since it is being done by a human it is bound to have some errors. This can lead to incorrect invoices and billing amounts being sent to your clients.

Eliminate all the hassle and human error that can cost you thousands of dollars by automating your billing with the Parent billing tool.

Safe & Secure Data

When your data is stored in one of the top-rated secure servers in the world you don't have to worry about losing client data or invoices. Stop worrying about storing things on your computer and constantly fearing that with any issue the data will be lost.
Everything is stored in one place and is available right at your fingertips.

Standardize your Invoicing Process

Raise your hand if you have spent hours filling out data to generate an invoice. We know you've been there before that's why you just set the child's plan and then generate the invoice based on the plan.
Simply, all you have to do is log into your account and select the child you want to invoice, and click invoice! it's that simple and you can choose which of his assigned payers you want to invoice.

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