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Learn how to create a role across your institute(s).

The Roles feature to give you full control of the level of access users get in your company. Only a Company Admin, for example, the owner of an institution/nursery can create, edit, and assign new roles. The roles can be assigned across your whole company or for users involved in a specific institute.

  • Click on Options

  • Select Staff

  • Click Manage Roles

The Roles page is a table that is grouped by the type of access that can be granted to each role. For example, the Basic category lets the administrator grant access to basic child and employee information to specific roles. The rest of the columns are for the different roles created by the administrator and the access they have been granted.

  • Click on Create Role

  • Enter the Role name

  • Then click Save

A new column will appear with the name of the new role.

The new role will not have any granted permissions. Please read the Edit Role section to learn how to grant permissions.

Note: You can grant the same type of access to a group of teachers, or accountants by giving them the same role. Read this article to learn how to edit the roles of staff members.

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