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Add A Staff Member Profile
Add A Staff Member Profile
Written by Lily
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Manage your staff member profiles, assign them to rooms and choose their role.

Now that you have created roles and added rooms to your institution you can add staff members and assign them to the rooms.

  • Click on Options

  • Click on Staff

  • Tap on +Add Staff

  • A pop-up window will appear with more details

  • Staff Name: Add the new staff member's name

  • Room: you can pick from the drop-down list the room you want to assign the staff member to.

  • E-mail Address or Mobile: You must add the staff member's email or mobile, as it's a required field to gain access to the system.

  • Click save and you will have the option to add a role

  • Role: You can pick which role you want to assign for the newly added staff member.

Click on Save and now the new staff member is added to your institute.

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