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Learn more about how to add your food plan

Forget about adding the food plan manually, now you can add the entire week food schedule with a few easy steps

Click on Tools

Tap on Show under Food Plan

First, you add meals

  • Click on Meals, a pop up window will appear to add the meal name.

  • Click on +Add Meal, add the meal name.

  • Turn the toggle on if you would like to add this meal to your daily plan

  • Then click on Save. The meal will be added to your food plan meals list

Second, you create the food plan

  • Pick the date from the calendar

  • Click on +Create Food Plan

  • Add the meals for each day

  • Click on +Add Item, a new pop-up window will appear.

Tick the item you want to add to each meal, and then click Add

Also, you can simply add a new item by typing it directly, then click on Add

If you would like to Repeat/Edit/Clear a certain week entirely, you can easily do that by choosing the week you want to Repeat/Edit/Clear.

Click on three dots right next to the week header, and choose the action you would like to apply to your institute food plan.
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