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Create a Weekly Schedule
Create a Weekly Schedule
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Plan the week and learn how to create a weekly schedule.

The weekly schedule allows you to plan the week or weeks ahead, also it can be created for the whole institution, specific classes, or even individuals.

Log in to Parent

Choose an Institution

Click on the name of the institution in which you want to create a weekly schedule.

Go to Calendar

Tap on Weekly Schedule

You will be directed to a new page to add more details about the weekly schedule.

Recipients: Add the recipients whom you will share the weekly schedule with.

Date: The starting date of the weekly schedule.

Start time: Set the start time of the weekly schedule.

End time: Set the end time of the weekly schedule.

Title: Add a title of the weekly schedule.

Description: Here you can add more details/descriptions of the weekly schedule.

Reminder a day before: You can add a reminder a day before the weekly schedule by turning the toggle On.

Once you are done click on Create.

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