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Learn how to manage your site using WordPress

WordPress Administration Screen

The Administration Screen provides access to the control features of your WordPress installation.

1- Welcome message – Some of the most important areas of the admin panel listed as quick shortcuts links – these are usually your shortcuts to how to make a website

2- The current status of your site and what’s going on with it

3- Posts – go here to create blog posts.

4- Media – upload/manage images and other media files here.

5- Pages – go here to create sub-pages.

6- Comments – this is where you can moderate comments.

7- Appearance – change your site’s design here and/or customize how certain things are displayed on the current design.

8- Plugins – install new plugins here.

9- Users – manage user accounts that can access the admin panel of the website.

10- Settings – the main settings.

At this stage, it’s good to take care of some basic getting-started WordPress settings that will improve your experience further down the road.

General settings

On this tab, you can change the Primary Color and Main layout style


On this tab, you can change the logo site

Header setting

On this tab, you can change Header info like opening hours, email, phone, and address

Title wrapper

On this tab, you can change the page title and subtitle

Content setting

On this tab, you can change the content padding and background


On this tab, you can change heading and Body font, font size, and font style


On this tab, you can enable the footer and change the footer copyright

Social links

On this tab, you can add your social media links

Custom CSS/JS

On this tab, you can add a custom CSS and js and add Head link tags like google analytics or google tag

Import / Export

On this tab, you can import or export option file or code

Edit Header Menus

Create New Menu

1- Click on“Appearance” From the left-hand side menu and click on “Menus

2- Click on “Create a New Menu

3- Under the Menu structure, Type the Menu Name in the relevant bar.

To set the display location of the menu:

You have the option to choose the “Primary Menu” which will be in the header on top and you can select other locations. Once you select the location of the menu click on “Create Menu”.

Add Items to the Menu

You will be able to add items such as pages, posts, plus you can add custom links or any different category.

Select the items you need to add from the “Add Menu Items” on the left side and click on “Add to Menu”

How to Edit the Footer Widgets:

1- Click on “Appearance” from the left-hand side menu and click on widgets.

You will be able to edit the widgets of the footer such as changing the Parent logo on the left and its position plus also adding different social media links by clicking on Footer #1 column.

You can edit the text in the middle by clicking on Footer #2 column

Edit Homepage

1- Click on “Edit with Elementor”

2- Right click on the homepage slider to Edit.

You will be able to edit and change the image, the title, and the description on the slider picture. You can drag and drop the image directly into elementor. Click on the slider options to change the slider behavior.

Click on any Item on the homepage to edit and the options will appear on the left-hand sidebar.

You can edit any item on the page by simply clicking on it and changing its elements from the left-hand sidebar.

You can get more options for editing the slider by clicking on the three dots and you will be able to edit the layout, style, and more advanced settings of the slider

Add Items to the page

Click on “Basic” and simply drag and drop different items to the page and you will get the different settings of the item on the bar shown below.

So if you would like to create a button on your homepage, simply drag and drop the button option from the bar to the page and adjust the settings to your liking.

Edit Text

Click on the text you want to edit and click on “style” at the bottom you will find typography and you will be able to edit the text to your liking, you can edit the text styles, line spacing, text size, font, and color.

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