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Holiday Feedback - Create, Edit, Delete, Check it and Download
Holiday Feedback - Create, Edit, Delete, Check it and Download
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How to create holiday feedback.

Forget about calls, SMS, and emails! Parent helps you to notify your children’s parents and staff members about upcoming holidays.

This feature lets you know how many children will be coming during the planned holiday, so you can plan the number of staff you will need.

  • Click on the Tools icon

  • Select Holiday Feedback.

Add a Holiday

To add a holiday follow these steps:

  • Click the +Create button.

  • A popup will appear.

Fill in the following required fields:

  • Holiday feedback title.

  • Description: Add more details about the holiday

  • Recipients: Select who will receive and respond to the holiday.

  • Date Range: Select the starting and ending date of the holiday

  • Reply deadline: the last day recipients can respond.

  • Request Dropoff: if this event requests drop-off and pick-up time, just turn the toggle on.

  • Send reminder before deadline: If you would like to send the parents a reminder for replies before the deadline date.

  • +Add: you can add as many reminders as you want before the reply deadline.

Once done, click on Create.

How to delete and/or edit a holiday feedback or see the replies. And how to download the holiday report.

To edit or delete a holiday you created follow these steps:

  • From the list of holidays displayed click on the holiday you want to edit.

  • Click the options menu (3 horizontal dots)

  • Click Edit or Delete. A warning message will appear if you want to delete, click Yes to delete the holiday.

  • If you edit the holiday and you are done, click the Save button.

View Holiday Replies

Click on the holiday reply line that you want to view replies for

A popup with the details will appear, you can filter the replies with Replied, and Didn't reply.

You can also see a fast overview if you click on the Holiday name or area close to it.

and the holiday feedback overview menu will open.

  • Select the piles and the selected days and you will find an overview for each class that is added to the Holiday Feedback invitation.

Download the Holiday Feedback

  • Click on the Holiday name or area close to it.

  • Click on Download Excel

  • Select the days you want the report for. It can be 1 day, more days or months within the range of the holiday feedback period.

  • Click Export

An excel sheet will be downloaded.

  • In the downloaded file can you select between 3 excel sheets. Summary, Detailed and Comments.

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