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Lists - Create, Delete, Edit, Print, and Download
Lists - Create, Delete, Edit, Print, and Download
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Learn how to create, delete, edit, print and download list

  • Click on the Tools icon

  • Select Listing

Create a List

To create a list, follow these steps:

  • Click the Create List button.

  • Click the Add Column button and choose the information you want to include in your list from the drop down menu.

Choose the filters you want to apply to the list which are:

  • Status: choose if you want to include Current, Upcoming, Withdrawn, or all three statuses for children in the list.

  • Children: choose a specific child, more children, or all children.

  • Rooms: choose a room, more rooms or all rooms.

  • Groups: choose a group, more groups or all groups

  • Enrolled: You can choose all time, for the past or select a date range.

  • Age: choose the age range of the children you want to include in your list.

  • Gender: choose the gender of the children you want to include in your list.

  • Contact Information: choose what information the contact must have to be included in your list. For example, if you want to only include contacts with an email address select the Yes option in the drop down menu under E-mail. You can chooose e-mail, phone, mobile, address and relation.

  • Contact Relation: choose to filter the list by contact's relationship to the child. You can choose between custody and lives with.

  • Health Information: Choose to filter the list by the child's health information. You can choose tolerates penicillin, allergies, special dietary, doctor and vaccines.

When you are done creating the list, type in the list's name and click the Save button.

Edit or Delete or Print a List

  • Click the 3 dots beside the list you want to edit, delete or print.

  • Choose edit, delete or print.

Download a list

  • Open the list you want to download

  • Click the download button and you can choose to download it in PDF, excel or card report.

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