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Rooms - Create, View, Edit, Delete and Settings
Rooms - Create, View, Edit, Delete and Settings
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Create a Room

There is 2 ways how to create a Room

From the Option tab and from the Dashboard

Create a Room from the Option Tab

  • Choose Options

  • Select Rooms.

  • Type the room name in the Room Name box.

  • Click +Add Room.

  • The room name will appear in your list

Create a Room from the Dashboard

  • Click on the Dashboard icon

  • Make sure the page is on the Room page

  • Click on +Create New Room

  • Write the room name, and then click on create.

  • The new room is now added to your institute.

View the Room Overview

  • Click on Dashboard

The Graph
You can find the projections of the check in's and the check out's of the children so you will be able to understand the peak hours and assign the staff members accordingly. You will be able to find several helpful data such as staff ratio and the number of staff and children.

The Information bar

Using the information bar, you will be able to view more info such as the check-ins, check-outs, trips, sleep, and the sick leaves, view kids birthdays and vacations of the children.

Sleep Report

If you want a sleep report

  • Click on the Sleep Report icon

  • Choose the date/dates

  • Choose the child/children

  • Click Export

Reported Status Comments

If there are any comments written to the statuses you can view them

  • Click on View All Comments icon

  • Select Children or Staff

  • Select the type of status

Dashboard Filter

You can Select the group of status you need to see

  • Click Select

  • A menu will open

  • Tab the group you want to be listed

Dashboard Sorting

You can Sort the Dashboard

  • Click the pile beside A to Z

  • Select between A to Z, Z to A, Checked in first and checked out first.
    **Note** the default view is A to Z each time you open the dashboard.

Edit Room Settings

  • Choose Options

  • Select Rooms.

  • Click the Settings button next to the room you want to edit. You will be taken to the page with the class information.

Now you can edit all the room details including:

  • Photo: you can upload a photo.

  • Room name: you can change the room name.

  • Room description: you can add a room description.

  • Phone number: you can add a phone number to the room.

  • Room capacity: you can choose the capacity of children in the room.

  • Staff ratio: you can choose the ratio of staff to children in the room.

  • Statuses: You can choose the statuses that are associated with the room.

  • Statuses viewed by parents: you can choose which status parents can view.

  • Parents are required to enter expected pickup time & person: If they are required or not to enter the pick up details.

  • When you are done, click the Save button.

You can also access the setting another way through the Dashboard.

  • Click on Dashboard

  • Click on the room

  • Click the setting icon

  • Edit the settings as mentioned above

  • Click Save

Delete a room

  • Go to Options

  • Select Rooms

  • Click on the Settings button next to the room you want to edit. You will be taken to the page with the roominformation.

  • Scroll down and click the Delete button.

  • A warning pop-up message will appear, press Yes to confirm.

​**Note: To delete the room, you have to make sure no children or staff members are assigned to it.

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