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Switch a Child from a Class/Room to Another
Switch a Child from a Class/Room to Another
Written by Lily
Updated over a week ago

This article will show you how to change or switch a child to a different room from the dashboard

As children get older they may need to be moved to different rooms at your institute.
There is 2 places in Parent you can switch the child's room. Through the Dashboard and through the Options.

Through the Dashboard

  • Go to Dashboard

  • Click on the Room name

Switch Room

  • Select one child or multiple children by clicking on their photos and then click the Switch icon from the menu.

  • Select the room you are moving the child into.

  • Click the Submit button.

Through the Options

  • Click on Options

  • Select Children

  • Find the child you want to change the class for

  • Click the pile and a drop menu will open

  • Select the new class/room

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