Add a New Child Contact
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We will walk you through how to add/create a new contact to the child profile.

Choose Options

Click Children.

  • Click on the child profile you want to add a new contact to the child profile information.

  • Tap on Contacts tab, and then +
  • Fill in the required contact information and click the Save button when you are done.

Name: Add the contact name.

Relation: Add the child's contact relation.

Mobile number: Add the mobile number of the child's contact.

Email: Add the email of the child's contact.

Role: You can choose the contact role whether he/she is a *Parent, **Family, ***Pick-up, or not giving them a role by choosing No access.

The contact who has the parent role has access to everything regarding the child. He/she can view photos, read posts, get private messages, receive invitations, and the overview profile of the child.

** Family:
With the family role, you are allowed to pick up the child as well as view photos and posts sent to the child. This is recommended for grandparents and other family members.

*** Pickup:
With the pickup role, you are only allowed to pick up the child.

**Note: You can also navigate to the Dashboard and choose the room the child is in. Select the child then select Profile, and follow the same steps.

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