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Report a Toilet Visit - Diaper Change
Report a Toilet Visit - Diaper Change
Written by Lily
Updated over a week ago

This is article will show you how to report a toilet visits and diaper changes from the dashboard.

As a staff member, you can easily report a child's toilet visits and/or diaper changes by following these steps.

  • Click on Dashboard

  • Click on the room that has the child you want to add the report for.

  • Select the child profile or multiple children by clicking on their profile picture.

  • Click on the Status

  • Click on Toilet.

  • A popup with the selected child/children will appear

  • Select Diaper change to report a diaper change or Toilet visit to report a toilet visit.

  • The types that can be chosen are Dry, Wet, and BM (Bowel movement) for Diaper change, or Tried, Wet, BM (Bowel movement) for Toilet visit.

Click Submit and the status is reported.

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