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Respond or Edit Response to Event
Respond or Edit Response to Event
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How do I respond to an event?

Go through steps of how to respond to an event set by the institution. This article was not written before so I need to go step by step through it.

Using the Application

When you open your application your default tab will be the Newsfeed. Find the event and press the Show and RSVP button. You can also get to the event through your notifications.

Respond to Event

  • If you haven't responded to the event click on the edit icon to start responding.

  • Tap on the blue edit button.

  • Select the check-mark icon if the child is attending and the x if the child is not attending.

  • If the child is attending select the number of Adults and/or Children that will attend the event then click the Attending button.

  • If no-one will be attending the event click the Not Attending button.

Edit Response to Event

  • If you want to edit your reply to the event click on the edit icon.

  • Edit your response or the number of people attending.

  • Press the Submit button when you are done.

Using the Website

Log in to Parent

Use your username and password to log in to your Parent™ account.

Find Event

You can access the event through one of the following ways:

  1. Find the event on your newsfeed and click the Show and RSVP button.

  2. Go to the Calendar tab and find and click on the event.

Respond/Response to Event

  • You will land on the event's page.

  • If you haven't replied to the event click the Reply button. If you have already replied and want to change the reply click the Edit Reply button. In both cases, you will be directed to the event's reply page.

  • Select the number of Adults/children attending if it's available.

  • Choose the Attending if you have already selected a number of people attending. Otherwise click the Not attending button.

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