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View a Child’s Newsfeed
View a Child’s Newsfeed
Written by Lily
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How to view a child's newsfeed.

The news feed on the child's profile is where you receive real-time activities, event invitations, posts your kid is tagged in, videos taken of your kid and much more. You will find all reports and statuses for your child listed on this page. You will also find videos, documents, and photos that your child was tagged in.

You will land on the newsfeed by default. If you have navigated away from the newsfeed simply click on the Newsfeed icon to get back to it.

Like a Post

You can like posts on your child's newsfeed by clicking on the Like icon below the post.

​Comment on a Post

If the Institute has enabled the comment section, then you can write a comment, add a picture og a file to the post. To save the comments click the purple arrow.

View Event Details

Events will appear on the child's Newsfeed and in the Calendar.

RSVP to Events and Holidays

To RSVP to an event or a holiday simply click the Show and RSVP button and fill in the details.

Watch Videos

Watch videos posted by the nursery by clicking on the Play icon on the video.

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