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View and Edit Child's Health Information
View and Edit Child's Health Information
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How to view and edit a child's health information.

The best way to make sure your child is safe is to keep his/her information up to date. To view/edit your child's health information go through these steps:

From the Parent Webportal

  • Click on the Child Profile in the top

  • Click on the About tab.

  • Click on Health info

  • Click Edit

  • Write the info

  • When you are done click the Save button.

You can edit the following information:

  • Insurance Number: Your child's health insurance number.

  • Carries EpiPen: You can choose between yes or no

  • Allergies: add any allergies the child has.

  • Tolerates penicillin: toggle the switch on if the child tolerates penicillin and off if they have an intolerance.

  • Special dietary considerations: add information regarding any special dietary needs for the child.

  • Vaccinations: add child vaccination information.

  • Special Notes: add any more important notes about your kid's health.

  • Doctor Details: add child's doctor information including: name, phone, and address.

From the Parent App

  • Click on your child's photo icon to access his/her profile

  • Click on the About tab.

  • Tab on the Health info to check and edit the health information.

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