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Funding enabling and management
Funding enabling and management

Enable funding to create and manage funding entities, set up default calculation rules enabling you to add them to the children plans.

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Learn how to enable the funding management module and create entities following the below steps:

Enable Funding management module

  • Go to the Options page and navigate to Billing Settings

  • Click on Fundings settings and toggle on the Enable fundings option.

The Enable adding Parent amount will allow you to add the daily parent portion when adding the funding to a plan.

Create funding entities and manage calculation rules

  • Go to the Options page and navigate to Fundings management

  • Click on the Plus sign located on the top right hand side of the screen to create a new funding.

  • Fill in the needed info and tap Create.

  • Click on the newly created funding to manage its rules, then open the Calculation rules tab.

  • Customize your funding by choosing the start date, default method, type and exception rules on items, charges, sessions and packages. (This is only a default value and can be determined on the child level when creating the plan)

  • Don't forget to save your work

  • Note: You will be notified that the system has saved you entities.

Pro-tip: You will be able to track the Funding charges from the designated tab, next to the calculation tab. And add manual charges and payments for that funding.

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