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Automatic Break Calculation
Automatic Break Calculation
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Learn how to Create and set up Break calculation rules :

Manually handling the staff's break calculations can be time consuming for the accountant and the administrator. The automatic break calculation feature will save you the hassle and perform that task on your behalf. It could be enabled to be included in the calculations or disabled.

  1. Set break Rules :

    1. Open the Options page

    2. Click on the General setup page

    3. Navigate to the Staff breaks tab.

Tap on the Add rule Button and fill in the fields: add a rule name, set the rule times, and choose which locations will adopt this rule on the organization level.

Note: When creating/ updating the staff schedule, this rule will be automatically reflected live on the staff schedule creation page (For instance, in the below snap, the system detected the 8 hour shift and automatically suggested the 45 min break. The break time could still be changed as needed)

2. To manage the staff break's role access, make sure to mark the permission "Set Staff Breaks"

3. Enable the break rules to be included in the calculations

  • Open the Tools page

  • Navigate to the staff schedule page

  • Switch to the report page

  • Toggle to include or exclude the breaks from the calculations

4. Update the report view and export actual shift calculation

Note: The export file can be a PDF, excel or CSV:

PDF screenshot:

EXCEL screenshot:

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