Forget about calls, SMS, and emails! Parent™ enables you to notify your children’s parents and staff members about upcoming holidays.

This feature lets you know how many children will be coming during the planned holiday so you can plan the number of staff you will need.

Access Company Profile

Log in to your Parent™ account and choose the institute you want to create a holiday for. If you only have one institute, you can skip this step.

Go to Holiday Feedback

Click on the Tools icon and then click on the Show button below Holiday feedback.

Add a Holiday

To add a holiday follow these steps:

  • Click the Add holiday feedback button.
  • A popup will appear.

Fill in the following required fields:

  • Holiday feedback title.
  • Recipients: select who will receive and respond to the holiday.
  • Start: the start date of the holiday.
  • End: the end date of the holiday.

A list of the dates selected will appear and you can choose which ones will be included in this holiday. Do this by selecting the toggle button next to the dates you want to include.

  • Deadline for replies: the last day recipients can respond.
  • Click the Save button and the recipients selected will be notified of the upcoming holiday.

Edit a Holiday

To edit a holiday you created follow these steps:

  • From the list of holidays displayed click on the holiday you want to edit.
  • Click the options menu (3 horizontal dots) then click Edit.

You can now edit all the holiday fields. When you are done, click the Save button.

Delete a Holiday

  • From the list of holidays displayed click on the holiday you want to delete.
  • Click the options menu (three horizontal dots) at the top right corner of the popup.
  • Click Delete.

A warning message will appear, click Yes to delete the holiday.

View Holiday Replies

Click on the holiday you want to view replies for and a popup with the details will appear.

Click on the View all replies button to view the list of who replied and who hasn't.

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