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Choose an Institution

Click on the name of the institute in which you want to edit a staff member profile.

Click on Options

Tap on Show, under Staff

  • Tap on the staff member profile that you want to edit.
  • Click Edit under the staff member profile picture.
  • Room: Change the room that the staff member is assigned to it.
  • Check-in: Check-in the staff member manually.
  • Send Message: Send a private message to your staff member.
  • Report Sick: Report sick leave for the teacher and choose the start/end of the sick leave.
  • Report a vacation: Report a vacation leave and choose the start/end date of the vacation.
  • Has Child Sick: you can report a sick report if the staff member's child is sick and choose the start/end date of the sick leave.
  • Registration date: Set the registration date of the staff member.
  • Last date: Set the last working day (Withdraw) for the staff member at the institute.
  • Name: Change/edit the staff member's name.
  • Date of birth: Edit/Add the date of birth of the staff member.
  • E-mail address: Add the email address of the staff member.
  • Birthplace: Add the birthplace of the staff member.
  • Nationality: you can select the nationality of the staff member from a drop-down list.
  • Mobile Number: Add the mobile number of the staff member.
  • Phone Number: Add a phone number to the staff member profile.
  • Work number: Add a work number to the staff member profile.
  • Street: Add the street/address of the staff member.
  • Zip Code: Add the zip code of the staff member's address.
  • Country: Add the country of the staff member address.
  • City: Add the city of the staff member's address.
  • Preferred language: Add the preferred language to the staff member.
  • Other Language: You can add another language to the staff member.
  • Special notes: You can add special notes to the staff member profile. 

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