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Introducing parents to Parent APS

Introducing parents to Parent APS Introducing Parent APS to parents in your institute

When you invite parents to Parent APS they receive an activation email with a link to set their password. We recommend that you send out an introductory email introducing the application to parents.

Email Template

Subject line:  Introducing Parent 

Dear Parents,

We are so happy to announce that we are now using Parent App to keep you and your child connected throughout the day. We made the move to ensure that our teachers focus solely on the children instead of wasting time filling out reports. You will get instant reports of what your child is doing, so you don't have to worry and make regular calls to the nursery. With Parent, you will have a complete overview of your child's growth, online payments, invoices, and tracking outstanding payments. All of this is available in one application available in Google Play and the Apple Store.

You will receive an activation email inviting you to the application. Once you activate your account, you will have access to your child's progress and activities throughout the day.

We're excited about using this all-in-one system and hope you enjoy it!

Thank you,