How can parents process tuition fees instantly via Parent Pay

Parents can now process tuition fees instantly via Parent Pay! Childcare centers now can enable parents to pay their monthly fees, or clear their dues instantly via the Parent app.

Parents can now pay their monthly tuition fees via Parent Pay — no need for bank transfers or physical drop-offs at the childcare center. All payments will be processed in-app.
  • Our UAE users can now enjoy making payments online.
  • Recurring and automatic invoicing and payment collection.
  • Process one-off payments in seconds. 
  • Childcare centers can configure their payment getaways from our Billing Settings.
  • Payments made online will be redirected to the centers’ bank accounts.

Setting up Parent Pay

Once the payment is enabled on the institution level from the super admin, the admin can start setting up their Parent Pay account.

Admin shall generate the onboarding link to complete the required documents and information on the payment gateway.
Once the onboarding link is generated, the user shall click and start the onboarding process, or generate a new onboarding link, if the first link has expired.
After the onboarding process is completed, the user shall check the Parent Pay account status and payout schedule, and access the payment gateway dashboard to track payment transactions.
The parents shall be able to pay their children’s tuition or clear out their balance once the Parent Pay status is enabled.

Finally, parents will receive a confirmation email and an SMS upon their payment verification.