Report a Trip Status of a Child

Report a Trip Status of a Child How to report that a child or multiple children are on a trip. Yasmine

Institutions often have trips arranged for the children. To report a child's trip status simply follow these steps.

Log in to Parent

Use your username and password to log in to your Parent™ account. 

Click on Dashboard

  • Click on the room that has the child you want to add Trip report to her/his profile.

  • Select the child profile or multiple children by clicking on their profile picture.

  • Click on the Status, then tap on Trip.

  • A popup with the selected child/children will appear on trip tab and off trip tab.

  • To report when a child got on a trip select the On trip tab.

  • Click on the Select All button, and then add the date, and time from the menu to insert the time they got on the bus.

  • You can add notes if you want.

Click Submit and the status is reported.

Note: if you are reporting times for multiple children you can always type the time and then click Select All.