Two Years Assessment

Two Years Assessment Here you will learn how to create a two years assessment. Yasmine

Log in to Parent

Use your username and password to login to your Parent™ account.

Choose an Institution

Click on the name of the institution in which you want to create two years assessment.

Choose Options

Tap on Show under Children

  • Tap on the child profile that you want to create two years assessment.

  • Click on Journey tab.

A Child with no 2 yrs assessment

  • Click on New next to the Learning Journey and select Two years check


  • Once you click on Two years check option you will be able to write the assessment of the child and fill all the necessary information for the child's progress.


  • Once you are done, click post and it will reflect on the child's profile on the journey tab.

    Type the body of the two-year check.

  • Click on the different areas of the two-year check.

The area you selected will expand and a list of subareas will appear.

  • Select the age band and refinement for each subarea.

  • Attach any files and/or images you want to include with the two-year check.

Note: you can change the date of the assessment by selecting the Date field.

Once you have added all the information you want for the assessment, click the Post button.