View your Child’s Leaves Graph

How to view a child's leaves graph. 

Parent™ gives you an easy-to-understand graph with all child's leaves. Easily track sick and vacation reports for any child by going through the following steps:

  • Using the Application

    • Open the application and tap on your child's photo icon to access their profile.

    • tap the last icon tab on the right, and then you will find the leaves graph.

Using the website

Log in to Parent

Use your username and password to log in to your Parent™ account. 

Go to Child Profile

Click on your child's photo icon to access his/her profile, then select the Profile tab. Scroll down to find the Leaves graph

  • Planned Holidays, Vacation Days, and Sick Days all show in a graph.

  • Hovering the mouse on a graph bar will show the number of leaves in this month.