View and Edit Institute Information

How to edit your institute(s) information 

View and edit your institute's details by going through these steps.

Log in to Parent

Use your username and password to log in to your Parent™ account. 

Choose an Institution

  • Click on the name of the institution in which you want to edit its opening hours.

  • Click on Options, then under your institute name click on See all details.

View and Edit Details

Now you can view and edit institution details by typing in the fields you want to change. When you are done, click the Save button.

  • Name: the name of your institute.

  • Street: the address is divided into Street, Zip Code, Country, and City.

  • Currency: Choose your institute billing currency.

  • IBAN: Add your institute international bank account. number

  • Contact Person: the name of the institute's contact person. Only editable by company admins.

  • Email Address: the email of the institute's contact person.

  • Website: Add your institute's website.

  • Phone: Add your institute's phone number.

  • Latitude: this is the institute latitude from the map.

  • Longitude: this is the institute longitude from the map.

  • Timezone: Choose the time zone that your institute is in.

  • Week Start: choose the week start day for the institute.

  • Check-In Diameter: the maximum diameter allowed for a child/teacher to check-in from.

  • Date Format: choose the date format.

  • Time Format: choose the time format.

  • Curriculum: you can choose between any curriculum EYO, HDLH, ELECT, LPFO, ECEC, FPKG, EYFS 2021, or ELDA.

  • Show week numbers: If you would like to show the week numbers just turn the toggle on.

  • Don't allow contacts to check children in and out: If you do not want the parents to check their children in/out all by themselves just turn the toggle on.

  • Limit attendance schedule for parents: IF you do not want the parents to control/add sick/vacation leaves to their child's attendance turn the toggle off.

  • Enable GDPR features: when enabled, you can select how long the system keeps data for withdrawn children before removing them entirely from the system.

  • Set expiry date: Set the expiry date for the GDPR feature (this will erase all the sensitive data after your selected period).

  • Don't allow parents to manage child data: If you do want the parent to modify their child's data just turn the toggle on.

  • Don't allow parents to manage contacts: If you do not want the parents to add/modify their child's contacts turn the toggle on.