View Child’s Pick Up Information

How to view child pickup information.

Parents can assign someone a pickup role so a child can be picked up by someone besides the parents.

To view information about who will be picking up the child on a given day you can follow these steps.

Select a Room

Select the room that the child is in from the list of rooms listed under your Dashboard.

Go to Child Profile

Select a child from the list of children in the room and a menu will appear, click Profile.

You will be able to see who will be picking up the child in the Activity tab.

**Note: The child has to be checked in, in order for you to see the pickup info.


You can edit and assign the contact who will pick up the child by clicking on the pickup activity and assign the contact and choose the pickup time.


**Note: This information is also accessible through the Dashboard and appears under the child's photo icon in the room they are assigned.