Zoom Integration

Zoom Integration Schedule meetings using Zoom directly from your Parent account Malin PH

Zoom is a video/web conferencing application that facilitates online meetings. You can now connect your Zoom account to Parent and schedule meetings to stay connected to the children in your institute.

Note: You must have a Zoom account to use this feature.

Table of Contents

  1. Connect Zoom Account

  2. Create Zoom Meeting Event

  3. Remove Zoom Account

Connect Zoom Account

Login to your Parent Account

Use your username and password to log in to your Parent™ account.

Choose an Institution

Click on the name of the institution in which you would like to schedule a meeting.

Click on Tools

Click on the Tools icon then select the Show button below the Integrations icon.

Choose Zoom Integration

Choose the Zoom Integration option then select the Log into Zoom button.

You will be directed to the Zoom log in page where you need to put your login information. Your Parent and Zoom accounts are now connected and you can start adding meetings.

Note: To create an event you can navigate back to Parent Zoom Integration page and click the Create event with Zoom button.

Create a Zoom Meeting Event

To create an event with a Zoom meeting, follow these steps.

  • Click on the Calendar icon

  • Click on the Create event button

  • Add all the event details

  • Toggle Make it a Zoom meeting to on

Save the event and it will be added to the Parent calendar. At the time of the meeting navigate to the calendar and click on Join Zoom Meeting.

Note: The event will also be displayed in the newsfeed along with an option to join the meeting.

Remove Zoom Account

To remove the Zoom account from Parent, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Tools icon

  2. Click on the Show button below the Integration icon

  3. Click on the Zoom Integration

  4. Click the Logout button