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Check-in Application
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How to download and use the check-in application.

What is the Check-in application?

The Check-in App is a standalone application that can be used on an iPad or tablet for parents and staff to check in and out. We recommend placing/mounting the device in the reception or the drop-off area (this could be outside the classroom).

Download the Check-in Application

To use the Parent Check-in application your device must meet the minimum requirements.

Sign in to the Check-in Application

The check-in application has its own unique username and password that can only be accessed by the admin. To get your check-in application username and password follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the web application

  2. Click on the Tools tab

  3. Click on the Show button below the Check-in App icon

  4. Use the username and password to log into the check-in application

Check-in Application Options

The check-in application can be used by both staff members and parents to sign in and out. You can choose to lock the application so that it requires the staff members and parents to use their 4-digit pin code to check in and out.

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