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Billing: Manage Packages
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What are packages? Learn how to set up a package so you can add it to children's plans.

What is a package?

You offer your service to care for children that come in at different times and stay in your care for different periods of time. You will most likely charge each of these children differently depending on the time they are in your care. This is where packages come in, a package consists of the sessions (time slots) you created earlier, items (if you offer any), and taxes/discounts.

Packages can be charged by the week, month or a full program (term or year). Let's take a look at an example to help explain it.

In the above fee structure we have many packages, but we will focus on the highlighted ones. The ones highlighted in red are one package with different pricing groups because they offer the same service for the same amount of time but at different prices based on age. The ones highlighted in green are another package because it has been offered for 3 days of the week compared to the 5 of the red package.

  • Click Options

  • Select Product Management

Create Package

To create a package, follow these steps:

Click on the +New Package button and add the required fields:

  • Package Name: The name of the package you are creating. Make the name as clear as possible, for example, if it is a weekly package puts the word weekly in the name. The highlighted 5 day package, for example, can be called "5 Days Term (8:00 - 13:00)".

  • Pricing: This is where you choose how you will charge for this package. Is this a weekly? Monthly? Or a charge for a full program?

Select Taxes and Discounts

If there are taxes that need to be applied to the session you can select it from the drop-down menu.

Hint: You can select more than one type of tax.

Add Sessions

Add the sessions that you created that fit this package. We will go back to our current example, which would be the session from 8:00 - 13:00. When adding the session to the package you have a few options:

Flexible time:
If you are offering the service with flexible times you can select the toggle switch and add the default times.

Select the days and times you are offering this service within your package.

Add Items

Add any items that are offered within the package, and included within the package price.

Save and you're all done!

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