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Learn more about the inspirations library and how it will help in the child development process

No one knows more about the child’s development than you. You know what works and what doesn’t, with each and every single child in your class. Now you can share your inspirations with other teachers in your institute or with all teachers that use Parent.

You can also use the inspirations feature to see what other teachers are doing in their own classes so you can apply them in your classroom.

  • Click on Tools

  • Tap on Show under Inspirations Library

  • Click on + New Inspiration

Select: You can select the inspiration photo cover.

Title: Add the title you want for the inspiration.

Age in Months: Add the age band suitable for this inspiration in months.

Related child development areas: Choose from the dropdown list what areas of development are related to the created inspiration.

What you'll need: Choose the tools needed to carry out the inspiration, or you can simply add a new tool/item by typing it directly.

Description: Add more details and descriptions (ex, steps on how to do, etc...)

Upload Files: You can upload videos, photos, or files.

You can make this inspiration public to all Parent ApS users by clicking on Make it Public, or you can add this inspiration only for your institute by clicking on the mark right next to your institute name.

Once you are done, click Create.

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