Room Planning
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Increase the efficiency of your child care center by quickly modifying the location of staff, children, and overviewing child-to-staff ratio on one single screen. Identify staffing shortages or excesses, manage rooms, and take immediate actions.

Access Room Planning

  • Click on Tools

  • Select Room Planning

  • You can select the dates you want to see the Room Planning for

  • You can Group it by Room or Age Group

Filter Option

  • Click Filter

You can filter between:

  • Days

  • Rooms

  • Show Breaks

  • Show Unassigned Staff to Classes

Room Planning Setting

  • Click on the Setting icon

Child Attendance data can be read from:

  • Children Plans

  • Children attendance schedule

  • All children attending the nursery's working hours

Note: To open and see a day with the classes in the Room Planning, then click the arrow and the classes will open and be viewable.

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