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Billing transaction dashboard
Billing transaction dashboard

Learn how to review and export report from the billing and invoicing dashboard.

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Parent app has an all inclusive dashboard that provides all the information needed regarding the invoices, payments, deposits, payers, schedules and related reports.

  • Invoices : The Invoices tab gives you a view of all the invoices in the system. The table shows a lot of needed information such as: The transaction reference (expandable), The child related to the invoice, the payer, the due date, the invoice period, the status and the amount of the invoice. Plenty of filters are available for you to choose from in order to customize your view and export a report.

  • Payments: This tab shows the payment receipts, the children they are assigned to, the payer, payment date and method, creation date, and the amount. A report is available for extraction here as well.

  • Deposits: This tab shows the deposits saved in the system and, the related child and payer, the room, and the status of the deposit.

  • Payers: This tab shows the payers and their outstanding balance, as well as their emails.

  • Schedules: This tab shows the children that have plans and the ones that don't. It makes it easy to identify kids with plans, and the ones that are missing schedules.

  • Reports: This tab allows for selection of children and tax receipt generation.


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