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Getting Started with Parent
Getting Started with Parent
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All the steps to getting started with Parent.

Thank you for choosing Parent! We are very excited to have you on board. You have taken your first step towards a more efficient nursery management system. The team at Parent strives to create the ultimate all-in-one application that is easy to use. We have put together a guide on how to get started.

Download the Application

Make sure you have a device that meets the minimum requirements, and then download the application.

Add Rooms

Rooms are at the core of Parent, so this is one of the first steps you have to take. Here is an article on how to add a room.

Note: if we upload your roster, the rooms will automatically be added.

Add Children

Learn how to add children to the system and if you have a larger roster learn how we can help with importing your data.

Add Staff Members

Learn how to add staff members to the system and assign them different roles based on the permissions you want to grant them. You can also make a new role with the permissions you want them to have.

Invite Parents

You added students and your teachers have had the time to explore the application, now it's time to invite the parents. We recommend sending an introduction email to the parents along with this brochure to get them excited about Parent and the feature they will have access to.

To bulk invite parents, contact us 2-3 business days before your launch date, and we will schedule the activations to be sent out.

You can also invite parents by navigating to the child management page and clicking on the key icon, then choosing the role the contact will have.

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