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Manage Invoices and Payments
Manage Invoices and Payments
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Learn how to manage invoices and payments

Now that you have set up your products and created the plans, you are ready to start sending out invoices. Let's go ahead and start setting up the steps to send out invoices.

  1. Manage Payers: Learn how to add payers (who will be paying the invoices) for the children.

  2. Invoicing Rules: Learn how you can set up invoicing rules so invoices can be generated and sent automatically.

  3. Deposits: If you accept deposits learn how you can keep track of what has been collected.

  4. Manage Invoices: Learn how to create invoices or have them automatically generated.

  5. Manage Payments: Learn how to add new payments that you receive and keep an accurate account balance.

  6. Credit Notes: Learn how to create credit notes if a full or partial payment needs to be returned.

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