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How to add staff schedules to your institute?

The administrator's most time-consuming job is scheduling. A staff schedule is the easiest way that enables you to set schedules for your staff members. It can be a repeatable or custom schedule for each member, also it helps everyone to know which room they are assigned to and the exact working hours.

  • Click on Tools

  • Select Staff Schedule

  • Select the week you want to add a schedule to it, then click on Schedule

  • A pop-up window will appear to select all staff members or to select a specific staff member.

  • Click Next

  1. Select the start and end date you want to add staff schedules

  2. Choose the weeks that you want to repeat on the schedule

  3. Choose Append if you would like to just add the schedule, or you can choose Overwrite if you would like to replace the already added schedule in the same chosen week.

  4. The start day of the week and list of the staff members you chose to add a schedule to them.

  5. Here are your institute operating hours

After you finish make sure to click on Submit.

** Note:

If you would like to edit a staff role and give her/him permission to view/edit the staff schedule, check how to edit a role and make sure to mark the desired permission:

  • To manage staff schedule, make sure to mark the permission "Manage staff schedules"

  • To only view the staff schedule, mark View staff schedule.

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