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Use Staff Schedule Report
Use Staff Schedule Report
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How to view and export the Staff Schedule Report?

The Staff Schedule Report gives you an overview of your institute's staff schedule and the staff's actual working hours and can be exported into different formats for bookkeeping and HR purposes. Follow the steps below to view and use the Staff Schedule Report:

  • Click on Tools

  • Click on Staff Schedule

  • Click on Report

Once you click on the Report tab, you will get an overview of your staff working report.

  • Select date range for the report you would like to see

  • Click on Group By to choose how to view the report:

    • None (default): Displays a detailed view day by day for each staff member.

    • Date: Displays a summary of each day.

    • Staff: Displays a summary for each staff member.

  • Use the report to see the scheduled working hours vs the actual working hours, as well as the variance.

  • You can also see the total number of sick days and vacations among the whole staff, as well as for each individual.

  • Use Staff and Staff Status to filter the staff by name or by status.

Export Staff Schedule Report

To export the report, please follow the steps below:

Click on Export

  • A pop-up window will appear where you can choose the preferences for your report

  • Date range: choose the date range for the report

  • Staff: choose the staff members

  • Target data: choose which data should be displayed in the report

  • Detailed level: choose if you want to show the daily detailed information, daily summary or the staff summary. Note: These are based on the same view as the options under "Group by" in the overview

  • Document Format: choose between PDF, Excel or CSV

    When you are done, click on Export.

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